Construction File:

BCCA Policy Gold Seal as a Condition of Contract

Given that:

  1. Contractors recognize the importance of qualifications such as Bid Depository, Apprenticeship, Trade Qualifications, Welding Bureau, etc;
  2. Owners are looking for a method for contractors to demonstrate their expertise in the management of construction;
  3. Gold Seal is an accepted method of recognizing the competence of construction personnel; estimators, project managers and superintendents.


The demonstration of the management of construction (via Gold Seal certification or internship*) should be stated in the contract documents in the appropriate divisions as a requirement. A phased-in process should start with the prime contractor for Site Superintendents on projects over $5 million or where the degree of difficulty warrants the need.

* In order to be eligible for the designation of Gold Seal Intern a candidate must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must have had at least three years experience in the construction industry, and have had one year of experience in the occupation; or,
  2. Must have completed a related engineering technology/technician program and have had one year of experience in the occupation; or,
  3. Must be enrolled in an employer sponsored program approved by the National Gold Seal Committee and leading to the recognition as a Project Manager, an Estimator, a Superintendent, or an Owner’s Project manager, and
  4. Must be employed at time of application, and
  5. Must be supported by a letter of endorsement from their employer, and
  6. Must show commitment to the program by way of advancement in each year, and
  7. Must commit to completion of internship within five (5) years of registering as a GSI and become certified, and
  8. Must have paid the applicable fees.